Discover Your Subconscious Wants Triggers and Desires With This Revealing Psychological Test


The Bear

Step 6: If the bear is fearsome, you are anxious about your issues. If it is snarling and ferocious, you might also be feeling that anger and rage, like your problems, are trying to get you.

If it’s a fairly ordinary bear, just lumbering around, you don’t perceive these problems as a danger to you. A friendly bear indicates that your problems are under control.

Step 7: Its size directly indicates the perceived size of your problems.

The Ossuary

Step 8: If it is big it indicates that you are inextricably intertwined to the heritage of your ancestors and it is a major influence on you.

If it is very old, you might be feeling distanced from them. A new one, made from current materials might indicate that their existence is still very relevant to you.

Step 9: If there is nothing in the urn you probably feel that connection but you don’t think it can do much for you. Those who see water still find something useful in that connection.

Those who see sand see it as still relevant but not in a way that can help their current struggle. If there are living things, the connection is important and it will tell you what sort of connection it is.

The Cottage

Step 10: A large, handsome cottage indicates that you desire riches and abundance, a small one that you are content with what you get.

Step 11: This tests your trust in others. If you unlock the door, you are usually okay with assisting those who might be dangerous to you. If you don’t, you have learned from the past and so you are cautious.



Step 12: This represents death. Many start by trying to find an exit but some are quick to accept their fate. The latter prefer to go with the flow and are content without any change in their situation.

The fighters will keep going even if there is no end in sight. They desire to change, evolve and grow and are not willing to accept an end to their lives.


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