The Spiritual Awakening of Digital Natives

The Awakening of the Facebook Generation

The confessions above indicate that the youngsters unconsciously sensed that the masks–no matter how ordinary they are–false, they do not belong to these masks, and it is not the masks that constitute their real identity. They also sensed that nobody was going to show them the way out of the mental confusion in connection with appearance and reality, and they themselves had to find it.

 If you also belong to the Facebook generation, it is essential to pay attention to these emotions and do not just disregard them offhand.

These emotions show that the Consciousness that is dormant in your present state of ordinary consciousness, begins to wake up, and no longer identifies with the forms and shapes.

This awakening means that your nicely constructed and allegedly impenetrable personal identity begins to crumble and you find yourself in an empty space, where you are able to witness the dance of forms and shapes like an external observer. This is experiencing the Miracle, the witnessing Presence.

This experience, this Presence is the gate you may step through towards the Miracle, to the quiet of your real Self. That is why it is important that you should not be scared of that experience, do not begin to rebuild your former identity, do not be closed into the ordinary ways of the mind. Remain in the experience, and submit to the Miracle of Consciousness!

From the book: Frank M. Wanderer: The Biggest Obstacle to Enlightenment: How to Escape from the Prison of Mind Games?

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