11 Signs It’s Time To Detox Your Soul


(7) You enjoy misfortunes of people around you:

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Instead of giving others sympathy or empathy, you enjoy when others go through a negative phase in their lives. In this way, you are nurturing negativity, instead of doing away with it.

The moment you start sharing your positivity with others, it will grow and bring good changes in your life too.


(8) You can’t get good sleep:

You can only sleep well when you are at peace with yourself.

If you find yourself staying awake all through the night even though you are tired or having nightmares which disturb your sleep, it means your soul is experiencing something chaotic within and you need to erase the negativity.

Meditation and healthy food habit will help you bring back the peace.

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(9) You feel bored always:

You don’t get attracted to your hobbies anymore; you seem to run out of enthusiasm and passion.

Our world has so many wonderful things to offer us and staying away from activities, feeling lethargic, you make yourself susceptible to negative thoughts.

Reach out to your support group, learn something new, start volunteering for some community work. You will find that there are innumerable places where you are needed.


(10) You don’t like prayer or meditation:

Mediation and prayer get us connected to our souls. If you are avoiding them, it means you don’t want to confront with your inner soul and there’s a lot of turmoil in there.

It will be hard but start giving time to yourself, understand yourself and you will soon come out of the bad phase.


(11) You don’t spend time in nature:

When is the last time you have gone out for a walk along the woods or seen the sunrise? Seems like a long-distant memory?

Staying disconnected from nature lets the negativity cripple your soul. Breathe the fresh air, bathe yourself in the warm sunlight and enjoy the greens. Nature will help you heal.

Our souls need to be taken care of too. Don’t ignore yourself.

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Emilia Gordon
Born and brought up in Kansas, Emilia is a writer and a social activist.She enjoys travelling and meeting new people
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