How and Why Opposites Attract In Relationships According to Astrology

How and Why Opposites Attract In Relationships

Virgos worry about money, but Pisces worries about the future

Unfortunately, they will not be as good at sharing money. Pisces could not care less, they will give money away. But Virgo is an Earth sign, and not so willing to part with cash. Virgos can be very critical, and will harp on it when a Pisces is too generous. The constant nagging is a bad Virgo fault that may begin to bother the Piscean.

A Piscean who begins to be unhappy may begin drinking or taking drugs, staying out late to talk to less critical people, or find solace in daydreaming. A Virgo does have common sense, and may realize that this dreamer was the person they fell in love with, and overlook all except the traits that were first loved. Pisces must understand the Earth person will be very hurt if secrets are kept. Virgos only worry because they care so much. The Pisces one must realize that a Virgo who really cares about their future together and peace of mind is truly a Godsend.

Pisceans are not very good at looking after themselves. Virgo undergoes great inner anxiety when their relationship has no clear and defined future goals. It would not be a bad thing to let the Virgo lead the way for a while. Once they get safe and secure as a couple, the Virgo will be happy to study Neptune’s mysteries once again. These two will travel far together, and love to talk to each other, because they communicate so well. They can discuss their problems and find solutions. They both find each other magnetically attractive, their love makes them feel so safe and secure in each other. So if they try hard, they can dream together forever.


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Detailed Zodiac Analysis Explains how and why Opposites AttractHow and Why Opposites Attract In Relationships

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