How and Why Opposites Attract In Relationships According to Astrology

How and Why Opposites Attract In Relationships

6. The Virgo and Pisces Couple

This combination is another of the Earth and Water variety, and possibly the easier one. Virgos are very efficient and orderly people, who can locate dates and information on people, problems, worries, situations, frustrations, you name it. They are never late, and their checkbooks always balance. They sleep enough, eat properly, and keep their possessions in systematic order.

A Piscean is opposite of all that nonsense. Their house or apartment will look like a tornado just passed through it. It’s a charming mess of color and confusion. They know all kinds of stuff is in the nooks and crannies, and don’t even want Virgos poking around there. Yet there is a mystical feeling of peace and quiet there anyway. How is this possible? Honestly, Pisces people consciously would like to acquire those neat Virgo traits. On some level they realize that they need less daydreaming and relaxing, less procrastination and more tidiness.

Both Virgo and Pisces are restless spirits So Piceans are fascinated with Virgos. Both are born under mutable signs, so they get along well, being changeable and easily influenced, despite their differences. Plus they are both shy and reserved with strangers. Virgo minds are so acute and alert, it seems they don’t think enough about the unconscious. They look at all their thoughts to be sure they aren’t missing any details. Pisces has the Neptune talent for daydreaming and wishing, and because they do, often their dreams come true. A Pisces can make their wishes true and manifest them into reality just by continually thinking positive thoughts. Their faith in “The All”, or cosmic mind, the great collective subconscious, allows these great things to happen. I have discussed “The All” in the Seven Hermetic Laws. Now, Virgos have patience, but fussing and worrying doesn’t make dreams come true. Faith does, and Pisceans have it in spades. They may as well be sprinkled with fairy dust.

Pisceans have such colorful auras that they are detected in the astral plane, and there is that old Metaphysical Law about Light attracting darkness. They are sensitive, psychic and can read you like a book. But their energy can be depleted by helping strangers or just by their ability to pick up the vibes of everyone’s joys and sorrows. This can be a blessing and a curse, the reason why Pisces is symbolized by two fish, each swimming in different directions. Being sensitive or psychic is always accompanied by being exceptionally creative, and if this gift is not encouraged in childhood, this talent can be brought back in elder years, but only through meditation and other techniques. So Pisceans must be on guard because their strong imaginations may cloud their impressions.

A great romantic combo, Virgos can help Pisceans bring out the bright colors or best of their ideas, and help turn them away from negativity. But now the Virgo’s aura has been affected too, and they will be getting visitors from the astral plane as well! Before we get to the romantic stuff, both Virgo and Pisces have a fetish for shoes and feet. If you don’t believe it, go look in their closet and count how many pairs of shoes they own. Aha! Anyway, Virgo will be thrilled that a Pisces is interested in listening to talk about shoes. Pisces will also be surprised that someone else cares about such a subject.

Pisceans are so kind about listening to others, they are shocked to find people like to listen to them too, although they are amazing storytellers. They are old souls who have experienced many incarnations. Soon one of them will snuggle closer, and it will be obvious they are interested in more than each other’s shoes! Virgo will have that lovely sparkle in those beautiful, clear, intelligent eyes, and confide that their feet sometimes get cold.

Pisces will immediately make a move to be sure the Virgo is getting warmed up in a big hug. Now a Virgo never has sex on the first night. But the lure of a Pisces is strong and unexpectedly seductive, and pretty soon they will both be wrapped securely in each other’s hearts. The sexual attraction between the Virgin and the Fish is terrific, both are natural lovers. They may fight about other things, but never about sex. They both are instinctively unselfish, and gently giving in a way that is fulfilling and peaceful, supported by great affection.

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