How and Why Opposites Attract In Relationships According to Astrology

How and Why Opposites Attract In Relationships

Neither one likes to rush into anything without thought. They are a little old fashioned, and I am getting a mental picture of two people having tea, with Grandmother’s best china and silver, just sitting in the parlor, relaxing and talking, loving the ceremonial feel of it. Cancer and Capricorn like ceremonies, oh, say, like weddings, for instance. Just the fact they continue to see each other means this is serious, these two signs do not like to waste time. Capricorns are the most ambitious sign, and if they work so much they do not make enough time for the Cancerian, feelings will be hurt. Cancers need lots of love and attention, and they like to go out a lot. They like gifts and little expressions of love and appreciation, as they are more insecure than they admit.Both Cancer and Capricorn people like to be pampered

Cancers can also be over emotional, and there will be times when the Capricorn will be exasperated with trying to understand Cancer’s moods. When Capricorn works many hours, they may not want so many people coming over to visit and party. But Cancer has a retiring side and likes a quiet day at home as much as anyone. And speaking of home, they both have a keen interest in real estate, which could very likely be the field one or both work in. Banking and accounting are other choices, as they both are also very careful how they spend their money, and knowledgeable about it. So this pair has a lot going for them.

Capricorn will not enjoy as busy a social life as a Cancer, as Cancer craves change and likes to try new things. Capricorn is not as extroverted, even if they try to be. So this can be an issue if the Cancerian gets too bored. Cancer people secretly like it when people try to take care of them, but not if they overdo it. It’s a hard act to juggle, because Cancerians may act helpless, but they are very self sufficient, thank you. Try telling them what they should or should not do one too many times, and you will feel the change in the auric field around you very fast. Cancer people are psychic water signs, and they are very changeable. Think about the ocean, how it’s always moving, and always has changing shades of blues and greens. Capricorn has to keep up with Cancer, and it’s a tall order. Their moods change several times in an hour, and Cancers talk about four subjects at a time. What are they talking about? What to have for dinner, or the gift for Saturday’s party? Each has traits the opposite astrology sign wants to cultivate

Capricorns have more trouble expressing their emotions, but Cancers are sensitive and romantic, so can teach Capricorn a thing or two about romance, to be more expressive in both public and private. Capricorns need to know they are appreciated too, but will not say so. They really are so much the same, and sometimes when they have problems good friends can make them see the light. Both are gentle and private people. But they are proud, and if they have a falling out, it can be very difficult for them to get back together again. Once bitten, twice shy, as they say.

Like all opposites, each has what the other wants. Success at the relationship can have to do with their ages. Since they view life in so much the same way, they can make a very happy life together. The chances of their staying together get better if they are older and have more life experience. But if they keep breaking up over little things, and move on from each other, they will always remember each other as the love of their life. The timing just wasn’t right.

5. The Leo and Aquarius Couple

Once again we have two fixed signs, and this combination may be more difficult than the Taurus/Scorpio one. A Leo and Aquarian must learn to blend their opposing forces. Leos are very graceful, and they command attention when they walk into a room. They are natural leaders, and used to getting their own way without fighting about it. Aquarians just accept life in all its craziness, and feel comfortable being their own independent and interesting selves. So what if people find their ideas unusual or that their purple and orange hair is weird? Leos are afraid to let their hair down, to let others see their inner warmth and passion.

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