How and Why Opposites Attract In Relationships According to Astrology

How and Why Opposites Attract In Relationships

A Gemini needs the Sagittarian’s high ideals, warmth, enthusiasm and sincerity, because sometimes a Gemini can be cold, and they like to play head games with people. This can be difficult. This partnership can go two ways. Each can admire the traits in the other and try to imitate them to grow spiritually. They could also fear and envy the opposite qualities in each other, and keep putting each other down, thus hurting each other’s pride. Both parties are daring and do things on a big scale. They are not necessarily dependable or enduring. Both have great minds, but the achievements they accomplish together are not usually ones that last, they are normally more fleeting in nature. Think of them like two shooting stars! They can accomplish great things in short time period, but a project of longer duration may not pan out because they are not wired for patience or the strength to keep on the course for a long time.

Gemini Must Be Careful How They Speak To The Sagittarian. They have great compatibility to hang around, since Mercury and Jupiter people do like each other. But a sly Gemini may needle or be tactless to the sincere Sagittarian just because that’s what they do, and the Sagittarian will be very hurt and very angered by this. A Sag almost always takes the high road, for although they are emotional fire people, they are without guile. They will call you on it if you are getting judgmental or venting and do not really mean the nasty things you are saying.

Clever and glib Geminis like to play mind games, and do not understand that this is painful to others. Their minds are always working at a high speed. But their basic nature is sunny, cheerful and optimistic, just less so than a Sagittarian. The Sagittarians are blunt and do not always have tact, but they are never sarcastic. Sometimes the Sag can even get a quieter Gemini to speak their truth in a better, kinder way. But these two do not always listen when the other is speaking, they are already thinking of what they want to say next instead! They are always competitive with each other, but in a playful spirit. They will help each other over tough times, and learn how to better communicate with each other in time. They can reach each other through poetry or art, and they love to dream together.

As far as moods go, both are mostly enthused and excited about something much of the time. They share Jupiter’s luck and Mercury’s alertness, and together they normally experience a lot of good fortune and help from others around them. Both like to go out, they love being with other people, and they like to entertain. They enjoy children, pets, and the outdoors, although the Gemini may have allergies. This can be a great love match as long as they learn how to speak nicely to each other and take the time to listen to each other. Really listen, and try to give each one what it is that they need

4. The Cancer and Capricorn Couple

This is another Water/Earth combination, like Taurus and Scorpio. But the dynamic is different, as Cancer and Capricorn are both cardinal signs of leadership. Both are ambitious achievers, and both are very adaptable about change. Well, Cancer is very adaptable to change, Capricorn will change if there is enough benefit in it. But they are both conservative when it comes to love and family issues. So these two people can find common ground quite easily. Both have maternal or paternal instincts, and will enjoy taking care of each other.Capricorns are more emotional than you think

Cancer people are emotional and just ooze warmth and kindness, which definitely attracts a Capricorn, who loves to be fussed over but would never admit it. The Capricorn has a serious and practical side that will appeal to Cancer, but has a good sense of humor as well, which is a bonus. These two will lock eyes across the room and feel their hearts beating faster. They will feel comfortable with each other too, and for some reason do not have to pretend, or put on a show of good behavior in the beginning stages of the relationship. Both are somewhat reserved and shy, and will slowly get to know each other better.

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