The Word Was DESTINY

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By Vernard Cayetano

Destiny was a boy,
who was born given all the answers and powers in the world.
Walks through deceptions, flies through darkness,
 carrying with him just his soul, mind, and heart.
These elements lights the whole world and
 gives meaning to his name.



By Rinn Zerrudo



She didn’t know what to do.

He steps forward, hesitant at first, worried he might scare her away. She doesn’t move.

“Please look at me.” His voice is surprisingly calm. She meets his gaze. The tenderness she sees there is arresting. Her eyes well up again and she squeezes them shut once more. I don’t deserve him, she thinks. He is too good, too kind, too gentle. And she is not.

He reaches for her hand, tentatively lacing his fingers into hers.

“How could you ever think that you are small when every time I look at you, I see the missing half of myself? How could you ever think that I cannot love your scars when the moment you bared them to me, I found myself in awe of how strong they have made you?”

She gapes at him. Suddenly, she knew. Suddenly, she understood.

“I have fears, too, love. But nothing makes me more terrified than the idea of losing you. So please, please, come back.” He rests his forehead against hers, fresh tears escaping from his eyes. “Come back to me,” he whispers.

She untangles her hands from his, reaching up to cup his face and brush away his tears. “Look at me.” She finally finds her voice.

She kisses him, her arms winding around his neck. He sighs into the kiss, their breaths mingling. Her demons would have to wait— and his, too. They’re together, and for now, this is enough. For now, this is perfect.

She pulls back and tugs his hand as she maneuvers him towards the opposite direction, back to the roomful of people waiting for them still.

“To the beginning of the rest of our lives,” she says.

And his face breaks into a smile.



By Jenn Kaminski

I met this chic named Destiny, I knew she’d get the best of me. She was so badass like a movie star, and even more so when we kissed in her car. She had a nice ride and it smelled like class, then we took a short drive and got some gas. At the gas station, she licked her lips, opened up the glove and showed me some chips. She said-Poker, poker that’s my game, we’re off to the casino, I got a lion to tame. We get to the casino and she’s treated like a star, it turns me on and then they deal the cards.

The girl is so sexy the cards even know, she wins again and again now she owns the show. All the onlookers are in love by now, Destiny all too knows this and lifts her brow. She starts to pout and say her name….Destiny, Destiny is hard to reach, Poker is my thing that I like to teach. If you watch me and how its done-I’ll show you all the hearts and the money I’ve won.

The onlookers stood there even more intrigued, sweating her next move- you best believe. She cleaned up again with her winning ways and leaned back and said, I told you Poker pays!

I said, Destiny Destiny, you won again, with a grin! She stated.Welcome to hell now the devil will begin. She said I’m a lure for souls like you’re in hell, ain’t nothing you can do. You fell for it, you agreed to come, you ain’t getting out its contract run. Love, Destiny….lol



By Mâ Tera
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