Not Everyone Deserves To Know The Real you

 May 14, 2016

Not everyone deserves
to know the real you. Let
them criticize who
they think you are.

10 comments on “Not Everyone Deserves To Know The Real you

  1. So true.. I recently had someone tell me I was a player… He has never met me and yet, all of a sudden he knows who I am, my most intricate thoughts and how I feel on every level… I only have one judge I need to please and that is Christ.

  2. Not everyone deserve to know me. Not unless they left behind their prejudice, misconceptions and greed. I’m allowed to be selfish in loving myself more and not caring for anyone’s opinion. I only owe everything to myself.

  3. This is so true.Seams ive been going through this latly.I learned how to over look it and say to myself be the better person ,talk is cheap.Just pray for them,and pray they find peace with in.

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