Depression In Relationships: 15 Signs Of A Problem And Tips To Fix It

Depression In Relationships

Depression Is Not In You, But It Wants To Be!

I think about depression as an entity that is outside of us, trying to take over and sabotage our lives and relationships, but the good news is that it is not. Depression is not who you are and it is not in you, it is that insidious thing that is trying to take you over though.

Depression in relationships can feel overwhelming like everything is working against you and your partner, all of those doubts creep in and the depression has got a hold of you, your partner, and your relationship, which is exactly what depression is trying to do, take over your life. However, with the right support, you and your partner can overcome these challenges!

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Final Thoughts

You may have noticed that everything about depression in relationships is about “it” trying to create separation. If we know this then we can work against it and be proactive in our fight against “it”. The strategies above are highlighted as a way to reunite and regain some connection with your partner. If you keep this as a rule of thumb then you will, with time and patience be able to overcome these challenges.

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Written By Meredith Flanagan 
Originally Appeared On Upside Down Flan 
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Depression In Relationships: 15 Signs Of A Problem And Tips To Fix It
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