Depression Among Pilots

 May 21, 2017

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 What Captain sully Berger says about Mental illness among pilots 

(A Motivational talk over depression among pilots)

Captain Chesley Sullenberger, a heroic name in the history of aviation. When his name is on the very lips of anyone, he must do hand mouthing about the incident of “river Hudson” He saved single life by showing great courage and strong decision power. Now there is a quite sharing of his opinion over “mental illness among pilots”;

He stared his discussion by taking the example of “French Alps” crash being the worst incident of his life he has seen. Then he showed his severe bad feelings about the “German Wings” crash and raised the question that how actually such drastic things could occur? And what measures we can take to eliminate or mitigate them?

According to captain sully, he motivated spoke up that some points must be cleared: pilots who have been screening as un able to fit should not fly, they should be “un fit to fly” because hundreds of thousands of passengers travel every day and trust the pilot as a king of wings. No doubt aviation professionals and pilots proving themselves competent, valuable and efficient but the risk of mental illness is still a situational factor which can be occurred anytime.

Airlines are always looking for some best examining and screening process of pilots while recruiting because safety is the first thing in aviation which must be considered. According to Captain sully;

“Inspecting or examining the pilots is more important factor in aviation than their medical fitness or medication. If they are not mentally well, their body fitness would be automatically disabled.”


What control measures Captain Sully Suggested about mental illness

He thinks of “mental illness” among pilots could be dangerous as well as its consequences are catastrophic. He suggests following some solutions to cope up with depression among pilots;

  •  He thinks the need of “lavatories” inside the cockpit is more important as we have already discussed some tricky ideas of pilots being used before deliberately crashing a plane that includes the outside wandering of pilot for fake need of toilet or by locking cockpit door if another innocent pilot has gone for toilet
  • As captain sully is a motivational speaker in aviation industry, he believed in concept of “self” more than anything else. In his eye shot, self-reporting among pilots is the best way to lessen the issues of mental illness or depression

  • The level of “trust” among pilots and aviation professionals matters a lot. If pilots trust each other and open a room for sharing, then better outcomes can be observed.
  • They must be treated as they would get justice not discouraged
  • Sully claimed that depression is such a kind of dis mood phase which we must keep in our mind that pilots too have been or had faced it before or after joining the flying

§  For pilots, one phase of depressive can be the end of the career, so they must be pacified or assured about having their jobs secure

Captain sully concluded his conversation about depression by computing that;

 “self-reporting” is one of the most effective way of overcoming mental illness, it must be diagnosis with proper treatment. It doesn’t mean to make pilot afraid about their career ending. But for this an open door for sharing depression feelings among pilots must be developed. 


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