Depression Among Pilots

 May 21, 2017

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What is depression?

  •                          Severe despair and hopelessness accompanied by the feelings of discouragement and low spirit.
  •  It is a kind of mental illness, disturbance and failing of maintaining constant order of your regular activities. It lacks energy and desolation among life.

Depression vs Sadness

·     Sadness is actually the feeling of sorrow or unhappiness

·   Sadness and depression in most cases have similar aspects excluding the one fact that is depression remains longer last than sadness

·    Depression can drastically affect one’s mood and behavior. That person can fall in misery, melancholia and disappointment for a weeks or months

·     On the other hand, sadness, can affect some one’s mood for a day or shorter than it.

Consequence of Mental Health in Aviation Industry

  • Pilots faces a lot of stress and depression;
  •        Adapting abrupt changes to altitude and time zone

  •      Irregular or over loaded work schedule
  •           Fatigue, lack of sleep, poor home relations or anti-socializing
  •            A lot of advance changes in technology as well as industry of the aviation day by day
  •            Regular medical tests add into anxiety and anger
  •            Home sickness
  •       Financial issues or low wage
  •       Social as well as relationship factors
  •       Pilots who are being reported as mental sick or ill at the risk of their medical certificates suspended
  •      “suck it up and do the job” environment may cause them distress and discouraged
  •       Pilot’s reported ‘depression” and “anxiety” issues are less than the general public as they mostly suffer it with “silence” situation.
  •       Ever present concern of losing the pilot licenses for being not doing your duty very well can cause you in great depression

Inscribing Mental Health Issues Among Pilots- Depression Facts


Hundreds of commercial pilots flying all over the world through different airline and routes may be clinically facing depression, a study from the Harvard T.H Chan School of public health has spoken about it. When it comes to depression, suicidal and other similar mental health issues, a huge people including from every field of work resists to their stress or depression. After reporting almost 1,850 commercial pilots from anonymous airlines nearly 12.6% of them were facing high level of distress and depression threshold. While 4.1% of other reported suicidal thoughts caused by depression.

Hundreds of commercial pilots encountering the depression condition without the concern of its treatment as there is always a fear of losing their career. Depression is the immediate negative repute on their career. 

Pilots suffer the situation of depression under silence and veil it due to career losing fear.”

Hence everyone in their lives may fell in the situation of distress or depression. So, as it pilots also suffer from this problem. But one should make sure of it that depression in pilots doesn’t always meant that they pull the flying aircraft with full of passengers to the ground. It means there is a chemical imbalance which stop them from doing or performing their duty well. There could be many stages of depression among pilots from mild to severe. Severity often lead to crash though mild could be controlled in many cases among the pilots.

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