Delete Those Photos, It’s 1 AM At Midnight, And You’re Still

Delete Those Photos Its 1 AM At Midnight And Youre Still

Delete Those Photos It’s 1 am at midnight, and you’re still opening those hidden photos of theirs in your hidden gallery every night. Delete it strictly right now. I know you would be suffocated for some days by not seeing those memories in front of you. Maybe you even get desperate to contact them. But believe me, they have already gone, now seeing their photos is worthless. You are burning yourself. And it’s not going to help you out good in any way. Burn out those memories and create new memories. Start a new life. Eat well, Sleep well. Chillax. Nothing is gone. I understand the pain but, prioritize yourself first. Your sleep is more important than thinking about them who may be having a good sleep without you just now.


Louisa Alcott