Dehumanization: A Narcissist’s Ultimate Manipulation Tool


4. Breaching Personal Boundaries

As if emotional control wasn’t enough, narcissists come up with yet another means of dehumanization. They’ll barge into your personal space and snatch away your peace. They have this habit of poking their arrogant nose into everything they seem worthy of laying waste to. If a person is having a good time alone, and if a narcissist happens to get a sight of it, they’ll break into their personal space and try to establish their toxic perceptions there as well.

They have absolutely no regard for personal space, individual freedom, and privacy. They think they’re allowed to probe anywhere at any given moment, and that people are answerable to them regarding whatever they’re up to in their times of peace and solitude. Breaching individual freedom is one of the most extreme forms of emotional fascism employed by narcissists to perpetuate their actions.

5. Reverse Emotional Osmosis

There are instances, where a narcissist will try to showcase fake emotions. Sometimes they like hiding their malicious intent behind facades of affection. You’ll see a 180-degree turn in their behaviors. All of a sudden, they’ll start caring for you. They’ll try to please you from every angle and make sure you acknowledge the change in them. But don’t be fooled.

They’re just trying to create reverse osmosis of your emotions. It is characteristic of a narcissist to facilitate the back and forth oscillation of human emotions. The moment they see you’ve become comfortable with their changed attitude, they’ll switch back to their original form. This will shatter you from the core, resulting in an immense psychological trauma.

Repeated oscillation can drive people insane to the point of no return. Narcissists love seeing this process in full swing, as that generates a feeling of total control over one’s emotions.

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6. Passive Violence

Narcissists are way too clever when carrying out their profane acts. As stated earlier, they like people suffering from guilt and regret. They make use of this emotional state as an opportunity to introduce yet another means of crushing humanity. This is the infamous method of passive violence. Here, the narcissist switches their position from being the dictator to being the victim. They employ this technique so as to make sure that the sufferer doubts their instinct and the sense of conscience.

Suppose you’re engaged in a casual conversation with a narcissist and suddenly you find them bursting into tears or blaming you for causing emotional distress. For you, it would appear as if they’re trying to create a drama. But there’s a hidden purpose. They want you to feel guilty about the way you speak and act. They want to make you regret every word that comes out of your mouth.

They want to show you how your actions cause mental trauma to them. In this way, you begin to doubt yourself and always seek an apology from the narcissist for being who you are. No matter how kind and generous you are in front of them, a narcissist will always make sure that you hold yourself accountable for any false emotional turbulence they’re trying to showcase.


So you see how narcissists make use of intricate yet subtle ways of carrying out dehumanization. They keep pursuing it till your free will is crushed and you turn into their puppets. Be careful whenever you notice signs that point to any of the above-mentioned events. At least you’ll be in a position to protect yourself from severe emotional manipulations.
Dehumanization pin
Dehumanization: A Narcissist’s Ultimate Manipulation Tool
Dehumanization manipulation pin
Dehumanization: A Narcissist’s Ultimate Manipulation Tool
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