Death – Cruel or Noble

Death - Cruel or Noble

Death is a cruel play,
Cruel or noble – who is to say?
One minute, you are there,
Next minute, you are nowhere.
When the breath finally flows out,
No more a he or she to be called out.
Everything changes to IT,
Ready to be lowered to be pit,
Or have your pyre lit,
The final journey bit by bit.
Cruel or noble – who is to say?

So much hope on life,
Moving past all the strife.
Laugh a lot, cry a lot,
Sadness, anger and what not.
We spend our day as if more to come,
Cribbing and crying and then some.
Till all stops in a fleeting moment,
May be to free us from all the torment.
Cruel or noble – who is to say?

Friends and families all around,
Just to look at you when we go to ground.
Come, they can, to life’s end,
Not to be around at the final bend.
Detached attachment, maybe the way to go
How do we get to say no?
Cruel or noble, who is to say?

Some say life is full of purpose,
For others, it is all too much fuss.
They say life is just an accident,
Start to end, nothing is significant.
Past and future, just an illusion,
Living in the Now, the only solution.
Cruel or noble, it doesn’t matter.

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