Dear You, Who Has So Many Names


Aquarius will leave no one behind. I will finally experience many years on Earth..will you come back this time? will you do the work needed to join me again.. not this time. Thank you for the lessons, always, lessons…and love. Love for me, you always help me love myself. One way or another.

You never fully existed here, it’s such a small, small fraction of you. You feel the same, trickster. You are fearful though, the other side to your coin. But I didn’t either, when you saw me so long ago. I couldn’t look at you because I was so asleep. The tables had to flip I guess.

I’m just going to leave you with an update that I am where I need to be. Vibrating away so many veils, seeing so many truths, helping so many people. What we said we could do, just on my own, with the kids. I am complete all on my own so its no trouble doing what we said we would do. Thank you for the duality. You did a fine job. I’m at the best place possible.