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Dear Stranger,
Would it take you by surprise if I told you a bit about me? Would you listen to my tales and try to find yours within them? Would you feel my spirit?
For I once had a spirit that was glowing all over my face. And I met strangers like you, some of which became my best friends, but some of my best friends have become strangers again.

Dear Stranger,
The world has broken me to pieces, and now I know I only get to find them as I choose to break again and again. I hope you find yours too. I know you must be drained by all your struggles, but I hope you know I’m willing to listen to your stories. I want you to look me in the eyes and see me for who I am, to reach out for my essence. I want you to try to get past all the layers and the rumbling storm that’s making me shake on the inside. Can you feel that? Can you see me trying to keep from falling?
I want you to know that I’d rather close up on myself and find comfort in being alone, but I’m making an effort to open up to you.

Dear Stranger,
I’ve seen enough to make me give up on you, even before I know who you are. I have many reasons to avoid meeting your eyes as you approach me because sometimes I hope my relationship with you stays at the borders of ‘Hello’. So would you see past that? Would you see past my broken smile?

Dear Stranger,
I’m sure there are things you’ll understand about me, for you’ve also had your share of heartache. But would you be willing to face that with me? Would you get past all the superficial talks and discuss the things that truly matter to me? Would you acknowledge my feelings even if you didn’t completely understand them? Would you be interested to know what makes me comfortable and what scares the hell out of me? Would you want to know the memories that stir my heart and the thoughts I can’t get out of my head? Would you be gentle with my insecurities, would you be patient?

Dear Stranger,
I’ve had a hard time holding on to my beliefs. I’ve worked so hard on keeping the good things good, if that makes any sense to you. I’ve managed to find dreams and aspirations on the days I even lost interest in living. I still believed in love when I had every reason not to, and somehow I could still trust. But it’s not as simple as it looks. Doubt is my companion with every step. And with time I’ve learned that it’s okay to doubt to reach the solid grounds of truth.

Dear Stranger,
After so many chances lost, it’s extremely difficult to give another. It gets harder to forgive too, and you become a prisoner to the memories and the pain. You become vulnerable to even the simplest human interactions. You realize that with every letting go, you’ve also lost some energy and gained some fear. And now fear is always side by side with hope. Sometimes I feel they’ve become the same thing.

Dear Stranger,
If we ever meet, I hope you’ll be honest enough to trigger some courage inside of me, so that I can look you in the eyes and let your storm collide with mine, and hope that everything we have in common will bring us some peace and quiet.

Dear Stranger,
Perhaps we will fall in love with the same shades and have our tears falling to the same melodies.

Dear Stranger,
I hope that no matter what, you will always follow your heart.
Perhaps your heart will guide you to me.

– Nada Mohamed

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