Dear Soulmate, It’s November: Let’s Embrace Love In The Month When Everything Comes Together

Dear Soulmate, It’s November: Let’s Embrace Love In The Month When Everything Comes Together

“Have you ever met someone for the first time, but in your heart you feel as if you’ve met them before?” ― JoAnne Kenrick, When A Mullo Loves A Woman.

Finally, the 11th month of the year has arrived: November. November is the month of spiritual connection, of the awakening of the consciousness. This is the month of Scorpio, the astrological sun sign of soulmates.

Love can never be a coincidence. Astrological effects are there in love but it’s more about Synchronicity.

Our universe cannot directly tell us what to do and what not to do. It sends signs and it is our responsibility to become aware of these signs and to respond to this call of the universe.

This is known as Synchronicity. Understanding Synchronicity means we are able to feel how the universe is communicating with us, showing us are we on the right path or do we need to change our track.

Dear Soulmate, It’s November: Let’s Embrace Love In The Month When Everything Comes Together

Now, how do we identify these signs?

  • These signs come through people, through incidents, and through the number.
  • A call from a long-lost friend, a sudden meeting with a stranger who happens to connect to our frequency or even seeing a certain number sequence in various places.

The most frequently seen number sequence is 11:11. It can be 11:11 or 1111 or 1111.

How do we see these numbers?

One of the possible places is the clock. We might notice the 11:11 often. It can also be license plates, price tags, our credit card bills or anything which includes numbers.

If these observations are frequent, it’s time to realize that the universe is sending us a wake-up call.

Number 11 is the Master Number in astrology which signifies spirituality, honesty, patience, sensitivity, and intuition.

So, the sequence 11:11 carries a deep inner meaning in our lives. 11:11 is connected to soulmates and Twin Flames.

According to mythology, all of us were created from one source which was split up into smaller fragments. This happened till it became two separate souls. As the story goes, these two souls would go to earth, learn and experience life and would cherish a yearning for each other. They would keep on reincarnating across time. These souls are individual souls but complement each other in the most unique of ways. Hence, they are known as Twin Flames. They resonate in the same vibrancy and reflect positivity and love.

November is also the 11th month of the year. It is during this time, the universe with all the Angels, our Guardian Spirits, and celestial beings give a clarion call to wake up.

So when we see these signs, it’s time for us to realize that we should discard our logical thinking and trust our intuitions.

The path of love is not easy. Love is not blind either. We need to trust our instincts and believe in the universe. All this while, the universe has been guiding our lives and challenges have been there to help us grow, learn and experience what true love is.

Dear Soulmate, It’s November: Let’s Embrace Love In The Month When Everything Comes Together

Things might not have worked out well but that is not an excuse to believe that they wouldn’t work out well in future.

Love comes with all its joy and struggles. What didn’t happen to us was because they weren’t meant for us and better things are there on our way.

We need to have faith in ourselves and the universe.

And before you think these sequences are enough, let me tell you another thing. The new moon will be on the 11th day of November. Coincidence? Do you really think so?

Nobody has ever mastered love, not even great lovers.

But these sequences, the Synchronicity, the Twin Flames, the new moon… all are evidence that a change is coming.

The journey will be a perilous one but we need to have faith in us, in our love and in this universe.

We need to shrug off our insecurities and move towards the direction the universe is directing towards us. We might not know what is waiting for us at the end but whatever it is, it will be beautiful, it will make us happy.

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