Dear love


Dear love

You stuffed me like pillows stuffed with cotton and feathers.
You pushed me, deep, behind the walls, just for your own comfort.
Now I just lay here, forever, in waiting, in the bed corner.
I watch you in your uncertainties.
Even so, you have forgotten the stuffing,
but here I still feel content as I can comfort you in your awfulness,
I still lay here for you to come for once and have a peaceful sleep.
– Shobhna Kanwar

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Letting Someone Walk Away

Letting someone walk away

Letting someone walk away is never easy,
but keeping them may be even harder.
– Debra Pry

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Some People Only Appreciate You

some people only appreciate you

Some people only appreciate you when you are doing something for them. When the benefits stop, they stop caring. You are better off without them.
-Debra Pry

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Let Them Go

let them go

If someone blocks you from their life, let them go. They have already let you go.
- Debra Pry

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Look At Me With Just A Glance

look at me with just a glance

Look at me with just a glance. If you look closely, I am surrounded by shattered glasses of the past with too many reflections.
- Pauline Ebijimi

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You Thought You Broke Her

You thought you broke her

You were so happy thinking you broke her.
No, you strengthened her mind, body, and soul. 
You ended up giving her a shield.
- Pauline Ebijimi

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