Dear Distant Friend !

Dear Distant Friend,

At the very outset, let me acknowledge the fact that I never had any intention to intimidate you by any means. I just wanted to befriend a person who seemed to shy away from strangers. Trust me, I am a kind soul and have nothing but good wishes to offer. Your detachedness does not by any means change the fabric of the story. Since I chose words over your silence, I became imbued with the quality of deciphering the rubric of words that were never spoken and never intended to. I do understand all the nuances and sub-texts of silence for in them the actual meaning lies. For me, silence is omnipotent as words can be a disguise but the other cannot. I admire you as a person who is a custodian of multifarious talents and will always be. I believe our level of friendship cannot be customised or categorised by any pertinent definition. Although it is invisible it is there.  It is like the air which cannot be seen but can only be felt. A concrete level of understanding is required to fathom our minds and I believe both of us possess that. As we proceed through our lives, I share one of my cherished dreams with you. I want you to outshine others and be a good human being. May God grant all of your wishes and bless your kind soul in abundance. I write this open letter to your withdrawn self with a faint hope that you would manage to read this someday. Whether we ever meet or not, I want to let you know that my well-wishing thoughts will always illuminate your future wherever you be.


A Not So Distant Friend.

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