Dear Crush !

Dear Crush !

It was drizzling outside. I was sipping a cup of light brown coffee in the Roadside Cafe. The aroma of the monsoon showers was bewitching my soul. A piece of crumpled paper fell near my feet. Presumably, it has slipped from the pocket of the young man who was rushing towards the door.

Aashuuu”, my heart skipped a beat. He turned back.

Pooja here’! My face was flushed with excitement.

He looked indifferently.

Unrequited loves are always heartrending, Aashutosh, I tried to smile camouflaging my sorrow.

After thinking hard for some time, he grinned mischievously. Oh my God! It’s you, Devil!

The Devil still wears your heart, I blushed.

‘Unbelievable’, his unconvincing tone broke my heart.         

‘I know my beauty never appealed your aesthetic sense’, I sighed.

‘That is why the art left the artist’. His eyes were gleaming with an inexpressible pain.

‘A true artist can capture the art in every object’, I ventured hopefully.

He looked deeply into my bright eyes.

The NGO is doing a commendable job by planting the seeds of love in the hearts of the people. Recently, a young man was saved from self-annihilation by their prompt action, the Local Daily read…


He was trying to wipe the beads of sweat that were covering his fair face. He could not compose his discomfort. It was not only unsettling him but by every means was unnerving too. The woman on the other side was busy tracking the records of some unknown aspects. She looked straight into his eyes which flustered him once again.

Ma’am…eh…Pooja, he managed to whisper somehow.

Madam? She could not help smirking. Wait…wait from when did you develop this inconsistency in your attitude? She tried to lighten the mood.

His eyes were downcast and there was an invisible layer of guilty conscience that was trying hard to make it felt. I don’t know what happened. He heaped a deep breath, sitting motionless for a while.

Life is unpredictable Pooja, it has different turns…

He tried to feel the warm sunshine that was touching his pale skin. The soft wind that was blowing tried to embalm his already ruptured soul.

While shutting down the laptop she looked at him, her University senior, the same capricious person who was lost in his fluctuating thoughts and was not only unstable but was even absolutely unsure of his own feelings.

He was the same person who had earlier sister-zoned her thereby throwing her in a form of depression that she had found hard battling with. She had wasted some of her precious months pondering on his cold reaction. His polite negative words had hit her more than bullets and she took the time to come out of that fragile state. She was a strong woman and she knew that, so in a fierce manner she fought the demons that were afflicting her mental thoughts.

He was flipping the pages of the magazine which presented before the world a young, dynamic and beautiful empathiser who shot to fame as one of the brilliant counsellors of this country, who helped people to fight stress and depression. She taught them to live by embracing the beauties of life. Her face radiated with confidence in the picture. He felt self-conscious this time. He had lost the diamond while collecting pearls. He lacked the courage to look at his saviour.

Life has hurdles and being a human being you have to face that, a total form of extinction is not a concrete form of reality. If you are apprehensive about living, then it is better to visit some people who are battling with their lives and craving for an extra precious moment. There can never be anything more esteemed and remarkable than life. She spoke these words all at once.

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