Dealing with Toxic Family Members: Narcissistic Abuse Recovery

A malignant narcissist/psychopath will not change…they are sadly welded to their ways and hardwired to be who they are. Someone with “traits” of narcissism may have some limited ability to shift and change if they can harness some insight and empathy.

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8) Read up on narcissistic abuse and family systems to understand your situation and gain some detachment and distance from the emotional pain. (see below for resources)

9) Self-care — you’ve heard the word, do the action…good sleep, good nutrition, exercise, strong social supports. Yoga, meditation, stress reduction exercise, omega-3 fish oil, nature, journaling. Boom.

10) Have hope that you will move through the pain. Whether or not your family member is capable of repairing the hurt, you will move on to have healthy connections with healthy members of your tribe or those who you have vetted to become a part of your newly founded tribe. We are social creatures as human beings; humans need and deserve to be surrounded and supported by people who are trustworthy and respectful. Bottom line.


McBride, Karyl (2009) Will I Ever Be Good Enough?, Atria Publishing. (references daughters of narcissistic mothers — however, substitute appropriate gender pronoun — the book does a good job of explaining narcissistic family systems) — Christine Louis de Canonville’s website on narcissistic abuse recovery — Shahida Arabi’s website on narcissistic abuse recovery — Kristin Walker’s podcast programs interviewing experts in narcissistic abuse recovery field
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Dealing with Toxic Family Members Narcissistic Abuse Recovery2


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