7 Tips To Better Manage A Child’s Emotional Intensity

Better Manage Childs Emotional Intensity

5. Take a breather.

This goes for children and adults. The best way to create the distance I talked about above is to remember to take a break and calm down.

6. Focus on the behavior you want to see, not only the inappropriate behavior you see. 

Remember to focus on the good behavior you want to see. All too often, we get into a pattern of responding to the negative behaviors strongly (because these behaviors emotionally hook us) and not responding enough to the positive behaviors.

The result—more negative behaviors. So do a mental inventory and make sure to focus your time and energy on the positive behaviors.

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7. View behavioral outbursts, whether internal or external, are teachable moments.

Yes, they are frustrating and annoying. Maybe even infuriating. But they are still teachable moments. Take the time to redirect the behavior, focusing on teaching the child how to understand and redirect the behavior.

The bottom line to all of this: Intensity is not a bad thing in and of itself. Intensity is passion—the kind of passion we use to create. It is the coping strategies of the child, or lack thereof, that are often the problem. Utilizing the techniques above will help you and your children embrace the intensity and recognize it for what it is—a fascinating aspect of what it means to be gifted in the first place.

Written By Christine Fonseca
Originally Appeared In Psychology Today

When you are trying to handle your gifted child’s emotional intensity, you need to be smart and tactful about it, because how you are handling them now can set the course for the kind of relationship you will have with them in the future. If you have trouble with this, follow these useful and effective pointers, and you will see for yourself how easier it gets with time.

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