4 Ways To Deal With Toxic Energy Vampires Who Are Stealing Your Positive Vibes

So we all reach out with our energy sometimes.

What do you do when your energy is being taken without your permission by negative people with vampire-like abilities?

After all, you didn’t ask for this. Letting an energy vampire take from you (once you are aware of it) is just the same energetically as someone stealing your purse. And nobody likes that!

If you are with someone who makes you feel drained, here are 4 things you need to do to regain your energetic balance. 

1. Find some way to re-establish your boundaries

Use conversation, space, or energy to make sure you are not feeling crowded or invaded. And saying something in your head will often work!

If you can leave, then do so. If that is not possible, find some way to break contact, even breaking eye contact will help.


2. Visualizing something sacred between you and the person concerned may break the contact also

Odd as it sounds, it really works. When I had a guy ogling me while waiting for fast food in a line, I imagined Archangel Michael between him and me.

He left almost as soon as I did that. I’m pretty proud of that one!


3. Figure out what the energy vampire is trying to get from you

At the training retreat, what the person was after was knowledge — and through osmosis rather than learning it for himself.

Knowing what is being drained can often help you figure out a way to stop the leakage. And knowledge by osmosis never works unless it’s with full agreement, in the case of a mentoring arrangement between two people, for example.


4. When you can remove yourself from the situation, check if you need to clear yourself

This will give you space and time to figure out what is going on and get centered and grounded.

When you become more conscious and aware of the energy dynamics between yourself and others, you will realize that energetic give and take goes on all the time.

The real growth comes when you can learn to sense what is going on in the present moment and then decide what you want to do about it. We can all be givers and takers sometimes.


Written by Sarah Lawrence
Originally appeared in Yourtango

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