How To Deal With Mean People The Smart Way

How To Deal With Mean People The Smart Way

6. Speak clearly and carefully.

In the heat of the moment, people will pounce on every word you say. They’ll look for ways to twist your words and use them against you. If you speak calmly and accurately, there will be nothing for angry people to use as ammunition.

Practice speaking clearly in every situation. Whether it’s explaining a company policy or pleading your case to a friend who feels wronged, speaking plainly will prevent a bad situation from getting any worse. It might even calm someone down who’s feeling angry or upset.

7. Get someone else involved.

The buddy system does wonders for unpleasant situations. It’s always nice to have someone on hand to help you say and do the right things and defend you when people start getting nasty.

Whether it’s a manager, a friend, or a trusted colleague, having someone else by your side will make mean people think twice about their grievances. The point isn’t to intimidate them but to encourage them to think more rationally by showing them another person’s point of view. When they no longer see you personally as the source of their problem, they will likely calm down.

Final Thoughts

In a perfect world, there would be no mean people. Until that blessed day arrives, though, you’ll have to learn how to handle those lovely individuals in a smart way. Start preparing today to deal wisely with mean people who cross your path, and you’ll leave both sides better off.


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Written By Kimberly Zhang
Originally Appeared In Lifehack

You will come across more mean people than kind people in life, but getting into fights with them every time is not going to do any good for you. Instead, learn to handle them smartly, and see how even the most complicated and disturbing situations change for the better.

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How To Deal With Mean People The Smart Way
How To Deal Mean People Pin
How To Deal With Mean People The Smart Way
How To Deal With Mean People Pin
How To Deal With Mean People The Smart Way
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