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4 Things To Remember While Dating Someone With Anxiety

Things Dating Someone With Anxiety

Do not enable the person who is anxious. Just as you would not buy a six-pack of beer for someone who was an alcoholic, it is important to not do anything that encourages further anxiety. This doesn’t mean you ignore their fears or criticize them for being anxious.

Avoid trying to make them feel better by agreeing that their unfounded anxiety is in fact based on reality. It’s not. Instead, you want to express confidence in the other person’s ability to push back against the anxiety and show excitement about what life holds in store for them when the anxiety is diminished.

Their anxiety may never be entirely tamed, but it can be contained. That’s the goal.

dating someone with anxiety
What to do when your partner is anxious

Where To From Here?

Keep in mind that anyone you develop a relationship with will have ‘issues’, some rough edges that create challenges. You have your own quirks as well that only your mother considers endearing. It’s helpful to remember this so you can put the other person’s anxiety in perspective (i.e., they likewise are dealing with your rough edges).

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Anxiety in a spouse, or love interest, should be looked at in the same light. It does not need to be a deal-breaker. If both people are willing to put some work into the relationship, to be tenacious yet patient while working out solutions, you just may end up with an extraordinarily rewarding relationship.

Want to know more about dating someone with anxiety? Check this video out below!
When your partner is anxious and things to know about dating someone with anxiety

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it worth dating someone with anxiety?

Yes, it is definitely worth dating someone with anxiety. Anxiety might have its cons, but it can also have many pros too.

What it’s like to live with someone with anxiety?

When you live with someone who has anxiety, it can be hard and challenging. Their anxiety stops them from participating in many things, and this can cause a lot of resentment and anger in their partners and spouses. At the same time, as their partner, you may also feel guilty about all this.

How can anxiety affect relationships?

Anxiety and anxiety disorders can have a detrimental effect on a person’s personal, professional and social life. It can also affect the relationships they share with their family, friends, and romantic partners. Anxiety always makes you think the worst and increases your stress, leading to irrational thoughts that can in turn make your life harder.

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4 Things To Remember While Dating Someone With Anxiety
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