Date Someone Who Challenges You (Even If They Drive You Nuts Sometimes)

This person will round you out. They will pick up the slack you leave in your wake and tighten the way you play the game of life.

Together, you will be better. You will enhance each other’s lives, even though you will not always align. You will butt heads, and you will fight. But if you know how to apologize, everything will be fine.

Over time, you will learn to celebrate each other for exactly who you are, including those sometimes irksome differences. You will cherish the aspects of your partner’s personality that sometimes make you want to pull your hair out just as much as you appreciate the traits that overlap with yours.

You will come to understand that your partner’s flaws aren’t flaws at all. And neither are yours. You are both human and you are both constantly evolving. As a couple, you’ll see that you’re unstoppable—thanks to each other.

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Written by Melanie Berliet

Writer, Producer, Human.

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