40+ Date Night Ideas According To Your Love Language

Date Night Ideas

6. Surprise your partner with a weekend getaway to someplace where they have always wanted to go, and where both of you can relax for a few days, away from all the stress and chaos of daily life.

7. Organize a party in your partner’s honor and invite both your families and your closest friends to make your partner feel special and pampered.

8. Plan a treasure hunt, and leave clues as to where the next reward is. All the rewards will be their favorite things, especially those things that they have always had their eye on.

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d) Acts Of Service

1. Cook them their favorite dinner, and surprise them when they come home after a long, tiring day at work.

2. Do a few household chores without them asking you to because you can see that they are swamped with work or are busy taking care of the kids.

3. Surprise them at work and take them out for lunch to their favorite deli or restaurant, just because you want to do something special for them.

4. Create a ‘no social media and mobile phones’ day, and solely focus on each other. The occasional digital detox can work wonders for both of you mentally, and also for your relationship.

5. Instead of ordering a cake from outside, bake them a cake for their birthday. Even if you are not a baker and you are not good with all this, your efforts will still win you brownie points (pun intended!).

6. Take them to the nearest Barnes and Noble and buy them a few books from their ‘To Be Read’ list. Once you are done, visit a nearby coffee shop, and over steaming cups of coffee, have nice and indulgent conversations.

7. Leave them little chocolates and sweets in the nooks and corners of the cupboard, on their pillow, in their shirt/dress pockets, and in between the pages of their books. The moment they will find these, their happiness will know no bounds!

8. Take part in activities they like to do. Even if you are not particularly interested in doing them, make an effort to indulge them, so that your partner feels happy and special.

e) Words Of Affirmation

1. Renew your vows on your wedding anniversary. It doesn’t have to be like a full-blown wedding; just you two writing your vows down, going on a romantic date, and saying your vows out loud to each other.

2. Create a deep and heartfelt video for them, where you talk about how much you love them and how important and special they are for you. In order to make this more special, present this video to them as a surprise when they least expect it.

3. Indulge in a karaoke night, and sing all those songs that describe best how much you really love them.

4. Leave them little love notes all over the house, detailing how much they matter to you, and how important they are in your life.

5. If you are into poetry, make a little booklet of your own poems, and read them aloud in the next poetry reading session or club.

6. Ask them out on a romantic date by sending them a lovey-dovey video message.

7. Create a playlist for them, that will consist of all their and your favorite songs, especially those songs that perfectly describe your love for each other and your relationship.

8. If you are not a very expressive person, you can gift them a book of romantic and deep poetry or a book of beautiful and loving quotes. This will not just make them feel happy, they will also appreciate your efforts.

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So, what is your love language, and which of these date ideas are you going to try out with your partner? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below!

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Date Night Ideas
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40+ Date Night Ideas According To Your Love Language
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