Date A Man Who Smiles

 June 25, 2019

date a man who smiles

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If you find a man who smiles, don’t let him go. He will be involved in multiple things learning growing. You might lose him to his passion for a short time, but he will always come back to you. He will want to share what’s he’s doing—with you—and will also want to hear about anything/everything you’re doing.

He might propose to you via video chat or at a concert with his voice screaming above the din or poolside with a margarita in-hand or while walking through a bustling downtown. He is passion-incarnate, so when his love reaches that level, it will be uncontrollable. It will burst to get out.

You will smile and laugh like you never have your eyes crinkled and scrunched up into slits of happiness.

Date a man who smiles because you deserve it.

As a woman, you have a right to all the happiness, energy, passion, desire, and laughter that life can bequeath you. If you are looking for a drama-filled existence or a life unexamined, you are better off with a different type of man.

But if you want a life that is fiery and filled with joy, date a man who smiles.

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Originally appeared in Charles J. Orlando

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