What is the Real Connection Between an Empath and a Narcissist?

the Real Connection Between an Empath and a Narcissist

When we continually endure difficulties, through experiencing challenging situations or relationships, we eventually come to realize what we need to change for our own growth and development.

We can learn so much from the bad behavior of others. Even if it’s as simple as developing the courage to walk away, say no, believe in one’s own self-worth, or let go of the need to be in control.

[A word of advice: Try to avoid doing battle with a narcissist or point out their wrongdoings unless you want to open yourself up for character assassination.

They will lie and lie and lie some more and simply make you out to be the devil incarnate to anyone who will listen. It doesn’t matter how ‘right’ you are, a narcissist does not want to hear what you have to say if it makes them in any way wrong or shows them in an undesirable light, they will just attack you…It’s always best to walk away.]

Although it completely sucks and is difficult to accept, it is often the case that the more an Empath suffers the stronger and wiser they grow to be.

I am in no way suggesting that continuous suffering is the recipe for the perfect life, far from it, but we can come to a point when we understand why we had to endure such difficulties and see how they shaped us into becoming better people.

The time when we won’t benefit from suffering is if we become embroiled in bitterness and resentments and allow our thoughts to become vengeful (Yes, an unaware Empath can also fall prey to the curse of narcissistic tendencies).

If this happens it will only serve in causing more inner-pain.

Narcissists work as catalysts on an Empath’s journey. They may cause insecurities, emotional injuries, trigger victim mentality, and personal challenges but all of which can push the Empath towards great things.

In our need to escape the shackles of emotional pain, we are often pushed towards personal empowerment.

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We came here into this life for a reason to experience both light and dark. I believe we were born to have certain encounters and everything we endure is for a purpose, both good and bad.

Empaths are meant to discover and unleash their inner-light. It may take many years to find and there may be hurdles to overcome and dark experiences to be endured.

But if we keep working towards it, our reason and purpose is gradually revealed, often in small increments, and the objective behind the ‘dark side of sensitive’ eventually becomes clear.

You may also find this article, why people take an instant dislike to the Empath, helpful.

Hope this helps on your journey.

Stay happy and healthy.

Until next time.


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Empaths are always attracted to narcissists because they believe that they will be able to fix them and turn them into better human beings. And when a narcissist looks at an empath, they see an abundance of narcissistic supply. Now you see, the toxicity of this connection?

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the Real Connection Between an Empath and a Narcissist Pin
What is the Real Connection Between an Empath and a Narcissist?

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  1. Avatar of M

    I am the daughter of a narcissist, and she was the daughter of a narcissist as well. I have learned how to protect my mental health through distancing and maintaining only polite conversation with those family members. I am highly sensitive – I have a hard time not feeling the feelings that people are expressing around me. Anxiety keeps me awake at night when I worry about the ills of our society, and the fear that I can’t do enough to help or make a difference. My spouse is highly sensitive, and so is our child. We work together to use it for good 🙂

  2. Avatar of Shirley Tramm

    What happens when generation after generation you see a narcissist and empath have kids? Can you imagine the mess that makes of the kids? What do you get when that is crossed for generations? How to help those generations of ppl who keep in that pattern and have traits of both parents?

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