The Dark Side Of The INFJ Personality Type

Dark Side INFJ Personality Type

5. Expectations

We have set a very high standard for ourselves. We feel ourself capable of doing things others would not even consider thinking. This we do for our close and loved ones also.

We expect them to do things at a level beyond their comfort zone. Meeting expectations every time is difficult, and this does affect us in not so good way.

But we expect only from the ones we love. So basically it means that the higher the expectation from a person, more we love them. Such expectations are mostly for having a perfect romantic relationship, wanting to have the Picture perfect and everlasting love. But when with time the intimacy fades off, it makes us disheartened and questions the whole foundation of the relationship.

We feel that getting into this relationship was a huge mistake. But this just shows how much we care about the person we just questioned.


6. Bluntly Honest

Honesty is the best policy. But in this diplomatic world, we have to choose our words carefully. A neutral answer is best preferred. Unfortunately, we INFJs are too honest to convey our thoughts with softer words.

And to make the situation more complicated, we have the urge to give advice to every person seeking help. We love to analyse a situation and give suggestions.

Even when we try to be gentle, the words somehow come out harsh and rude and judgemental. And that’s the dark side of an INFJ personality. Our intentions are pure and concerned and all we want is the best for you, but we speak more on the negative side of the situation rather than positive. We can be rude but never false.

7. Defensive Attitude

Many times people hurt you more than you can take. Some people bring you stress, pain and depression. These people may not be bad or mean any harm to us, but facing them makes things more difficult for us.

This is when we take the defensive attitude. We try avoiding such people and cut them off our lives. We may stop all communication with such people. Even when it is not practically possible (like when you meet them daily at work, home etc) we detach them from our emotional being.

Such attitude is not on purpose. We do not do it knowingly. It is like we are on auto-pilot and all our actions are controlled by our sub-conscious mind.

The Dark Side Of An INFJ Personality Type
Dark Side INFJ Personality Type Pin

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