The Dark Side Of Being An Empath

The Dark Side Of Being An Empath

This desire to be loved and wanted often leads them to fall prey to the manipulators and thereafter be exploited and abused.

They are literally blinded by love and generosity in their heart, so much that they are often willingly led into traps of narcissists.

Dark Side Of An Empath

Those who pose to be exploited and victimized pull them in and our hero the savior walks in to take the pain way, in the quest to drive out their darkness fall into their nasty games. Empaths are not made of stones and they do feel the pain. Even when they know there is danger ahead they cannot resist this urge to help. They find their escape in rescuing others. They have this feeling that by helping others, they are helping themselves.

They cannot light other lives while keeping theirs dark forever. The refusal to address their own pain doesn’t serve them good in the long run.


The struggle for empaths is harder as they don’t only deal with their pain but also those which absorbed from others. It’s not like they have no idea of the burdens they carry or the sufferings they are going through but they seek the remedy of their sufferings and pain that lives within them in illuminating someone else’s life.

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It’s for the empaths to feel any emotion more penetratingly than others. No wonder they have to deal with most heartaches and pain but they just don’t give in to the dark side of an empath. Such pain could be avoided by learning to cope with all the energies around, they need to distinguish between the emotions that belongs them and that ones that emanate from outside.

The world needs more empaths but empaths don’t really need to pay this cost.

The Dark Side Of An Empath
The Dark Side Of Being An Empath Pin

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  1. Like looking into a crystal ball reading about myself. One of the better descriptive articles I have read so far regarding being an Empath. I like Minds Journal a lot. Most I can relate to and find very credible. Thanks

  2. I’d like to say I can agree, or even disagree, with this article. However, the typos and grammatical errors are so glaring, I had a hard time reading through it. Let’s talk about missing words, such as “But my dear, the world is fucked…” should be “…the world is A fucked…” Or how about “…is rarely constituted in their vocabulary…” The word “Constituted” means either “be (a part) of a whole” or “give legal form or constitution to”. I think the better sentence would have been “Their vocabulary seldom contains the word ‘No’.” Or, my personal favorite so far, “…here the empaths don’t just drive the darkness away but absorb it and confide it within them.” Um, do you mean “confine” it within them?

    Stopped here. I have to admit, I’d love to know if this was written by one of the new “AI” programs that are capable of writing articles. Or was it written by someone who had something to say, but no one to proof/edit it for them? How can one hope to have a respectable WRITTEN communication forum, when their written communication is so sub-par? Why do we no longer care about accuracy and correctness, and clear thought, in our written communication?

    1. I enjoyed this article and feel your comment is quite rude. There are a lot of bloggers out there who advise against editing because its the sort of perfectionism that impacts being productive. We are all guilty of making errors in grammer so lighten up – Or if it bothers you that much, do something about it, start your own blog or promote a tool that helps correct grammer. Geez.

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