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The Hidden Dangers Of Toxic Positivity

hidden dangers of toxic positivity

This includes taking on the set of beliefs that you: “have to have something done or accomplished by a certain age” or “success looks this certain way” and “you’re a failure if …” All of these messages keep you jailed from experiencing your own truth of your own experience, which was written just for you. Not all stories look and feel the same…

People don’t fully realize just how soul-crushing adhering to all these messages actually is. Messaging that promotes an inauthentic way to address yourself or be with yourself or your feelings and in your experience is what keeps your soul’s voice silent. It keeps you disconnected. And that’s what’s so incredibly painful and empty feeling.

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New age spirituality seems to promote a culture where perfection supersedes honoring the true journey and evolution of the Self. Do not buy into this culture. It isn’t real or healthy. And anything not real… is not actually divine.

Divine language and divine messages are the messages that promote healthy and accepting views of yourself and of your journey. They get you back in touch with where you truly are. These messages give you something to work on or look at. They won’t elicit fear, but instead enlighten you to move into a space of acceptance, healing and show you ways to find that deeper connection with.

The point isn’t to achieve a sense of “happy talk” —as again, that’s not real or divine. The point is to bring you closer to your soul, your authentic voice, and truth to help you step into your power. That’s what’s actually divine. That journey can sometimes be painful too, and that’s the truth. And that’s perfectly okay.

Spiritual guides and healers like me are only here to light up that path for you. To show you what it’s like. If you come across me, I’m just a guidepost on the deeper inner journey your soul has invited you to take. I’m here to show you walls that keep the truth of your soul out in the cold. The actual work you have in front of you is your job. And I know it’s a lot. I’ve been there too, and I’m still not done.

My soul’s message to you is:

Keep going.

Your truth sits within you, and it’s only for you to find. That’s how loved you are. You are SO immensely loved that something completely divine, beyond space and time, put a special gift inside you, which was made only for you —that only you can feel and hold and collect and see. And it’s something that one day if you choose, you can share with the world around you and feel completely cherished for. You’re worthy of that ride. You always have been.

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Dangers Of Toxic Positivity
Dangers of Toxic Positivity

Written By Sara Shermis 
Originally Appeared In Thought Catalog

So now you know the dangers of toxic positivity and how disturbing and detrimental it can be for your mental health. Life might be an intimidating thing to deal with at times, but doing this is not the solution. Be your authentic self, face all your emotions, and then do what needs to be done to overcome the challenges. Most importantly, know the dangers of toxic positivity and stay away from it.

Hidden Dangers Of Toxic Positivity pin
The Hidden Dangers Of Toxic Positivity
hidden dangers of toxic positivity pin
The Hidden Dangers Of Toxic Positivity
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