Daily Predictions for Friday, 13 July 2018


‘Habits’ rhymes with ‘rabbits,’ and maybe that’s because both reproduce themselves like mad. So if you’ve got any not-so-terrific habits (and everybody does), why not make a real effort to stop the cycle? Today is a good day to free yourself of an ongoing, self-defeating habit or two, and you will be amazed at how much more smoothly things go once the bad habit is under control — and out of the way. Good luck!



Your natural state of being is a very creative, productive, generative one. The blockages — childhood hurts, grownup discomforts — that sometimes block you aren’t manifesting. This means you’re free to be your highly creative self. Breathe deeply and take a minute just to register how this sensation feels. Don’t worry too much that the blockages will come back — because they probably will, at some point — but just be aware of how you are feeling right now. It will help you come back to this place later.


If making friends were like tending a garden you would have a real green thumb. You cultivate new acquaintances like a honey bee pollinates flower blossoms, and the whole process smells just as sweet. You prune when it’s time to prune, you weed when it’s time to weed, you plant when it’s time to plant, you water when it’s time to water, and you harvest when everything is sun-ripe. Not a lot of folks can claim to be as talented as that!



You want to get outside and move your feet. And your arms. And maybe exercise your lungs. Why not try a little yodeling on your way to work? Heck, if a few people stop and stare then a few people stop and stare. It won’t kill you. Maybe you’ll inspire them. It could become the newest health-and-wellness fad. Yodel on the way to work! All the commuters are doing it! But whatever you do today, do it with all the energy you’re feeling.



What are you looking at, there in the mirror? Oh, you? You’re looking at you? What, you say? That should be obvious, what else would you be looking at in the mirror? Okay, right. So, what do you see? Do you see somebody who’s grown up recently? Who has a better understanding of themselves and the world around them? It could very well be that that good looker looking back at you holds all that (and more) in their eyes.



Sometimes you see the world through rose-colored glasses. Sometimes it’s through really thick blue ones. Sometimes the world takes on a filmy, distorted quality — especially when you put on your coke-bottle glasses! Why not try on a few different pairs (the 3-D ones with the white rims always make for good viewing) and compare and contrast the world as you see it through each. Don’t forget: It isn’t the world that’s changing, but your perspective on it!



You’re nice. That’s not to say that you’re too nice, or that you’re a pushover, or that you’re saccharine sweet. No, you’re just nice, and you’re nice to your fellow humans and people appreciate it. They like to work with you and they like to play with you. They like to talk to you and they like to walk with you. You care and they share and things work out nicely. Terrific. Just make sure that people are nice to you back. You’ve earned it!

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