5 Ways Fathers Impact a Daughter’s Romantic Relationships

father impacts daughters romantic relationship

5. Your father’s communication about sex and love is meaningful.

Most fathers tend to not discuss these topics with their daughters — at all. But fathers who muster the courage to have candid, non-shaming conversations about sex, dating, love, and commitment do their children a tremendous favor from which they reap significant benefits throughout their lives.

For example, a study of female undergraduate students conducted in 2010 found that “paternal responsiveness promoted daughters’ refusals of unwanted sex [and] predicted daughters’ self-worth.” And a 2016 study of sexually active female adolescents found that “greater father involvement is associated with healthier adolescent sexual behaviors” in girls.

Want to know more about how your fathers can impact their daughter’s romantic relationships? Check this video out below!

Fathers Impact Daughter’s Romantic Relationships

Be mindful of the role your relationship with your father may be having on your own relationships.

Negative experiences, such as having had an emotionally or physically absent father, will frequently have you repeating history in an attempt to re-write it with romantic partners.

You’re likely to choose a similar type of man who gives you a familiar feeling you perceive as “normal.” But comfortable as it might feel, it’s not healthy. You just can’t seem to change the end of the story, no matter how many times you try.

Exploring these early family experiences is essential to help you recognize patterns and blocks in your romantic life. Much focus is often on the mother, yet we can’t ignore your father, who may actually have a more severe impact. Your bond with him and the quality of if has long-lasting and immense consequences on your life.

After looking at your relationship with your father, determine the ways this might be sabotaging your love life.

You are picking, be it consciously or unconsciously, a romantic partner based on characteristics of your father, both in regard to his traits and the way in which you relate to one another.

Approach your relationship with curiosity and self-compassion and ask yourself some important questions.

  • Are you choosing someone who is just like your father, or someone who is the opposite of him?
  • What serious changes do you need to make in this relationship?
  • What does moving forward look like?
  • Can you find a way to prevent unproven or irrational beliefs from creating barriers to healthy love?

Whatever your conclusions, know that your life can be different.

This “first” bond with your father is not necessarily predestined to affect your relationships forever. Taking responsibility for yourself will foster a different outcome. You can make changes and create a healthy, loving, and secure relationship that lasts.

Written By Marni Feuerman
Originally Appeared In YourTango
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5 Ways Fathers Impact a Daughter's Romantic Relationships
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