Cutting the ties that bind

Suzan Brown

Cutting the ties that bind

Debra L Laing

You’ve been stringing me along
all this time.
Today I cut the ties.

Sulekha Pande

It’s said that we’re bound to people
with invisible threads,
the threads that bind,
sometimes stunt the growth,
take the bold step of cutting the off,
your peace of mind is above all,
in releasing them,
you release yourself too.

Karthik Parthasarathy

Cutting off the lifeline,
Or so was thought,
The line that connects
to the bond that seemed to count.
Good or bad,
Who is to say?
The eventual impact,
Depends on what life
has got to say.

M Jeyaram

If it hurts; cut it off;
Getting over momentary
Pains is the gateway to
To a world of great gains.
The enormity of your power
Is realised when you let go
Your own unfounded fears.
The cut, you bet!

Samuel Jones

I wanted to remember our plans
and promises that we made
that you would never leave,
the reason why I stayed.
It never occurred to me,
that it was all a dream,
how silly could I be,
when things aren’t
what they seem?

Neil Cuvar

Cut the string
ginger hair flowing freely
no blood this time
beyond these pale sheets
crisp like almost new
just fresh and warm
the perfect metaphor
no longer a marionette
what now?

Karen MacLeod

You are finally dead in my head
I cannot see the red thread
and yet I hold on to the
last piece of you still attached to me.
Another reminder of your toxicity.
Lest I forget.

Rinku Shah

You are stronger than you think,
Life changes in a blink.
If the cord didn’t connect hearts
Snip it off! Don’t live your life in parts!

Debra Pry

You handed me the scissors,
And I cut you off.
Just like that.

Roopali Salian

Breaking the last tie of love,
He was my life-line,
For freedom!

Jen Bowers

I release myself
from remembering you.

Sulekha Pande

Cut the cord,
baby don’t fear,
the toxicity needs to go,
the demons shouldn’t be near.

Richa Lal

As I cut the strings so strong
I was free from all the bonds


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