6 Things Students Wish They Knew about the Chosen College

One of the ways to figure out if the chosen college is the best fit for you is actually by visiting it. But once you cross the threshold of the college building, chances are you’re about to get lost and walk around wondering “Okay, I am here. Now what?”

You will get a better idea of the school if you sign up for a tour over the campus led by one of the students. But before you do that, keep in mind that the campus tours won’t tell you the whole story. You’re going to be informed on the college history, its traditions, the buildings that are at your disposal and some fun facts. Most students who lead the tours usually cover a few areas such as social life, opportunities, and academics. They tend to throw a few stories and jokes to spice things up, and that’s it. What they aren’t going to reveal is what it is like to be a freshman who’s scared and busy as hell.

While campus tours are the best way to know more about the college and its culture, do not expect to get realistic information about how life actually is there. So, what parts of academic experience do colleges leave out?

College Is Fun

Undoubtedly, college tours do not inform you about the social aspect of living on campus. Usually, the goal of the campus tour is to tell you about the academic aspect of the college and not about who throws the best parties, how to make friends or get over academic anxiety. In order to know more about college culture, make sure to ask questions like “What does a typical Saturday night look like on campus?” This will give you an idea of what young people tend to do for fun. For instance, do students stay on campus for social events or go somewhere else for fun? Are there any interesting places off-campus? The answers to the questions like that will provide you with a clear picture of what every day routine is like on campus.

You’ll Need a Helping Hand More Often Than Not

While in college students can easily become overwhelmed by a busy schedule that is crammed with all possible to-do points. You’re going to experience stress here and there: stress from exams and tests, homework assignments and even social extracurricular activities. While some stress caused by the tests and writing assignments can be a great motivator, some students may feel like drowning at times. It’s better to admit you’re in need of help and approach one of the trusted online custom writing service sites with “Please, write my essay for me” request. Most online companies are available round the clock, so you won’t have problems with the tight deadlines.

College Is Not a Perfect Place

Without a doubt, eye-catching brochures and social media posts might make college or university look like heaven on earth, but the reality is that it brings a lot of challenges as well. There are many assignments to be accomplished, friends to be made and unfriended later, healthy lifestyle to keep and decisions to make. What it comes down to is that college is confusing and has many cons. It’s one of the hardest stages in life, and the transition from high school may be pretty awkward. At the same time, it’s one of the best eras that you are going to experience! Although you may get homesick and have a fight with your boyfriend or girlfriend, keep in mind that college isn’t all about studying and feeling lonely. However, it’s not about socializing and partying hard as well. It’s the time when you have to balance a bunch of everyday moments, like having a French class or getting ready for the dance party which all together is a worthwhile experience.

Eventually, You’ll Be Fine

High school is a nerve-wracking time between biology tests, extracurricular events, and study sessions, not to mention social activities. Then comes this college admission process, when every person you know asks you about where you’re going to study and why. And finally, you get accepted to the chosen institution and even this seemingly peaceful time may turn into a disaster during your first year. Senior and junior years of college are excessively stressful for students, but you have to take one step at a time to deal with the problems along the way. In the end, everything will work out.

Keep Away from Toxic People

Social life in college will easily sweep you off your feet. Sooner or later you may find yourself running in certain crowds and joining certain clubs. Besides, it’s easy to start spending time with people who don’t treat you only because they are members of some special social groupings. If someone dislikes you for no reason, talks about you behind your back, and so on, eliminate them now! It is recommended to surround yourself with kind and honest people who don’t make you feel bad about yourself. Find faithful friends who support you, share your interests and passions, the ups and downs in your life. Ensure to have the confidence to pick your own friends and choose your own way.

Take Care of Yourself

While you are at college, make sure to turn on the health and fitness mode! Sports and all kinds of physical education are not built in to your college life, and sooner than you can imagine you will find yourself addicted to unhealthy snacks and some pounds will be there on your waist. It’s better to get some workout buddies to turn fitness into your habit, or join an intramural league. But it is important to work out on a regular basis and eat with due attention to what is on your plate. Thus, you will do both – get you into your best bikini body and build your self-confidence.

Every college admission committee wants potential students to love their institution just as much as possible, but you have to consider your interests first. Of course, they want you to end up at their college, and hopefully, that will be the place where you truly belong.

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