8 Ways To Cultivate Resilience In Yourself During Tough Times

Cultivate Resilience Yourself Tough Times

Act as if you already have what you want and notice how it comes into your life. It may come in the loss of a job, which seems terrifying at first, but that is most likely opening the door to a better job or career. You just don’t know it yet. Staying positive during the transition is a must. Keep your energy high.

Another tool that I have been using has come through my training in hypnotherapy. I tell myself, every night, “Every day, in every way, I am better and better”. What you are doing is working with your subconscious mind and retraining your brain. It really works.

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6. Surround yourself with positive people

Isolating is probably one of the worst things you can do. (This is very different from detaching to recharge – the keyword here is recharge.) The more you isolate from others the more you are in your thoughts. This only gives you more room to dwell on how bad you think things are.

Develop strong and supportive relationships – both in your professional and personal life. Ditch the negative relationships. If you surround yourself with negative people you will think the way they do. If you are able, also get yourself out of the toxic environment you are in. The more room you give to releasing negativity, the more you have to allow positivity in. It’s like cleaning out your closet.

7. Ask for help and help others

Sometimes we are too ashamed or embarrassed to ask for help. We think it means we have failed. So, if we don’t ask for help, no-one knows and our pride doesn’t get hurt, right? Wrong! Ask for help!! Not only do you give others permission to help themselves but you also get help with what you are facing.

This helps us realize that we are not alone. You can also turn to service work. What’s fascinating about this is that as you help others you help yourself. When you help others you come from a place of sincerity and you begin to notice good things happening to you. You also get out of your head. This is the road to success.

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8. Reward yourself and focus on the present

Do small things each day and congratulate yourself for making those changes. Maybe your goal is to have your own business someday. How do you get there?

You get there by taking small steps along the way and congratulating yourself for those small steps. Also, make sure to live in the present moment. Often times, I see folks living in the future. It’s great to have a future goal, but when you live there, it does not become a reality. In fact, you create stress for yourself by living in the future.

Instead, create your future goal(s) by writing a list of what you want to manifest and then work backward from there. What can you do, each day, to get yourself to that future goal? This is how you live in the present. You will realize you are where you want to be faster than you thought you would be.

You have all the power to change things for yourself. You can do it, just believe in yourself! Remember, you are not alone.

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Written By Lisette LaRue
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Life is always going to throw curveballs at you, with some worse than the other. It’s okay to feel sad, hurt, or devastated when something bad happens to you, but you need to cultivate resilience in yourself and emerge victoriously. When you decide to cultivate resilience, the path may not be the easiest one, but it will surely help you turn into a wiser, positive, and stronger person.

If you want to know more about how you can cultivate resilience, then check this video out below:

Cultivate Resilience
Cultivate Resilience Yourself Tough Times Pin

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