The One Thing Critical To Successful Healing From Emotional Trauma

One Thing Critical To Successful Healing From Emotional Trauma

To make it successfully through a process you’ll need to give yourself grace. Within grace is forgiveness. Shutting up of the voice of shame. No condemnation. Encouragement. Permission to fall down and help to get back up again.

Grace is love in action. Love changes everything.

If we can come to believe that we’re loved. Not just in our head but in our heart see our value. Then we can move on to accept grace. Your trauma matters.

Taking responsibility is an act of emotional self-defense – Will Smith

Taking ownership of your life is daring to believe you can gain the success you’re going after.

The One Thing Critical To Successful Healing From Emotional Trauma


  • Process begins.
  • Process finds help.
  • Process brings new thinking and creates new habits which build confidence.
  • Process provides little victories.
  • Process celebrates these victories and develops gratitude.

All of these help us build trust in the process.

The process is a repetitive cycle. In my book Emerging With Wings, I shared my frustration with how long my process was taking. Here’s the puzzle piece I shared that helped me trust the process again.

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Microsurgery –

I was pondering all the deep work in my soul that was being done, all the counseling etc. and this word came to me. I had to go and see if it was an actual word or actual medical thing – it is and it is amazing. 

The Pursuer has been doing this in my heart. But I also learned that before microsurgery is performed there is a necessary preparation. This really spoke to me about my long process. One of the stories I read talked about a severe injury involving broken bones with open flesh that was contaminated by dirt, grass and whatnot. They had to remove the foreign materials, spray wash it with gallons of antibiotic fluid and then need to pack it with some kind of beads saturated with antibiotics just to fight infection.

They repeated this surgical treatment until the wound was infection free. Only then did they begin the permanent reconstruction. Then followed the healing and rehabilitation. It was a long involved and painful process. I could visualize the analogy of this process in me. All that removing and cleaning and packing, repeat – I saw all those years of learning and growing before we moved to Arizona. I thought of the times I had felt overwhelmed by information. It was more than I could process – too much too fast. I felt like a canary getting a drink from a fire hose.

The flushing of the wound in the microsurgery prep made sense of that. It helped address the negative feelings of why this has taken so long. It wasn’t that I had failed to learn, it was preparation for the deeper, more precise work of The Pursuer. The whole process is another major portion of the puzzle.

Trusting in the process we gain faith and employ patience to continue until we get success.

  • Have you begun a process? Please share what’s worked for you.

Watch this video by Will Smith on fault vs responsibility:

Written by: Danielle Bernock
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Republished with permission.
One Thing Critical To Successful Healing From Emotional Trauma Pin
The One Thing Critical To Successful Healing From Emotional Trauma
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