Crack fiend dream

Crack fiend dream

                    Crack fiends dream


A crack fiend dream ain’t what it seems, as she hit the rock, her eyes turn black and her pupils start to gleam. Stuck in a world shes way too familiar with, a dark world that don’t belong to her, but she’s been there since She was a lil girl. A lil girl in a dark world, she exhaules, the white clouds intertwine in her bright blond curls, as the cloud settles a demon sits in the corner….this is his world. She’s been chasing the high ever since her brother died, she runs and hides to confide from the pain she feels inside. She slowly realized the pain is real, it’s not a dream, it becomes surreal. As this lil girl becomes lost, crying for help, she don’t feel anything the cocaine has masked her pain, took away all human emotions she once felt. The flame hits the cocaine & flows thru the glass pipe, when she walks out the bathroom its the devil in disguise. Her souls is gone, who is this person? It’s mom. No one knows, as she lives thru a dream, her lifeless soul struggles to let go… But it’s to late, the devil is attached, he has her soul, and he’s not letting go! The devil lied and said the high was temporary, he lied he took her for what seems like an eternity. As she lives a dream in her own delusion, she sits and hides in her room, a makeshift institution. As we pray n help her get clean, she’s become cold and mean. She still has the urge to relive the dream, her soul pleads for her to stay clean, but she’s weak, she’s a fiend, she’s been thinking about getting high all week. It’s a constant battle for our mothers soul, theirs nothing we can do but pray the devil lets go. He slowly leads her to temptation, the pain is real, she’s in desperation she think the drug will heal and help her with her situation. Our mom is getting old, she’s stuck in the past, we don’t know her no more, it’s as if she’s wearing a mask, a lost soul, we want our mom back this demon has to let go. The image of a lil girl – bright blond curls sitting, crying stuck, in a evil world, this entity will not let go, this is his world, the demons world. For we must keep Jesus in our heart and we must plead, temptation will make us weak to our knees, Thou shall not lead us into temptation, if the devil succeeds, we become the demon in disguise, behind a crack fiend dream…..
Written by:
Abel Alexander sera

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