Soulmate Probability: Could You Be Soul Mates? Consult the Elements of the Zodiac

Soulmate Probability: Could You Be Soul Mates? Consult the Elements of the Zodiac


4. Fire + Water

Aries / Leo / Sagittarius + Cancer / Scorpio / Pisces

When a Fire sign and a Water sign are romantically involved, it can be a wonderful way for Fire to soften up and delve into the feeling side of life, while Water benefits from a fun spark of adventure and excitement they may be otherwise lacking. The problem with this pairing, however, is that, like a bucket of water tossed onto a campfire, Water’s deeply emotional nature can be a bit of a buzzkill for exuberant, energetic Fire. Fire signs and Water signs are both quite passionate, but in very different ways: Fire is all ardor, temper and big, blustery shows of emotion, while Water tends to feel things quite deeply — even when they seem placid on the surface.

Soulmate probability: Medium. This isn’t a natural pairing of soul mates, but opposites often do attract; these two can share a steamy bond if they appreciate each other for their complementary qualities.


5. Earth + Earth

Taurus / Virgo / Capricorn + Taurus / Virgo / Capricorn

When two Earth signs are romantically involved, it’s a meeting of shared sensibilities. Being practical and grounded, Earth signs are naturals at committed, long-term relationships. They’re also quite sensual, possessing an earthy brand of passion. That’s right, these two can indulge in some epic lovemaking sessions — that is, when they make time for them! Being hard workers by nature, Earth signs can sometimes put more into their careers and other responsibilities than they devote to their intimate relationships. Overall, however, two Earth signs get along very well together, sharing a strong sense of their basic values and a similar perspective on a life well-lived.

Soulmate probability: High, as long as they make sure to lighten up and enjoy some carefree fun from time to time.


6. Earth + Air

Taurus / Virgo / Capricorn + Gemini / Libra / Aquarius

When an Earth sign and an Air sign are romantically involved, it can be hit or miss as far as a deep, long-term connection goes. Stable, sensual Earth signs tend to be practical and no-nonsense; they live in their bodies, connecting with the world around them in a tactile and realistic way. Air signs, on the other hand, tend to live in their heads far more than their bodies and maybe consumed by high-flying ideas. At best, Earth can help ground Air on the physical plane, both sensually and in terms of practical, day-to-day matters, while Air can act as a fresh breeze blowing through Earth’s intellect, helping them gain a novel perspective.

Soulmate probability: Medium, as long as these two make an effort to appreciate the ways in which their differences compliment one another’s personalities.


7. Earth + Water

Taurus / Virgo / Capricorn + Cancer / Scorpio / Pisces

When an Earth sign and a Water sign are romantically involved, a deeply loving and committed match can result. Stable Earth, a natural at commitment, tends to have a much-needed grounding influence on Water; emotional Water, in turn, inspires Earth to connect in a deeply intimate and feeling way. These two are likely to get serious fast as if they can sense within one another an immediate kinship. Water relies on Earth to provide a sense of security and appreciates Earth’s natural strength. Earth, for their part, adores Water for their tender heart and will go to great lengths to protect Water from the harshness of life.

Soulmate probability: High, as long as these two make a conscious effort to lighten up from time to time. Love should be about more than duty and deep emotional connection — at least sometimes!


8. Air + Air

Gemini / Libra / Aquarius + Gemini / Libra / Aquarius

When two Air signs are romantically involved, it’s a true and often instant, meeting of the minds. For their first date, these two might stay up all night, laughing, flirting, and discussing everything under the sun. Air signs fall in love on a mental, cerebral level first; they’re attracted to one another for their mutual wit, knowledge, and intelligence. The friendship between these two is strong, and can even outlast their romantic connection. But since they’re always in their heads, two Air signs in love can run into problems if their physical connection isn’t as strong as their mental bond.

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