Life is –A simile of a Train Journey — Having Two terminals — ‘The Start’ and ‘The End’ ;

On-boarding starts with,“Our CryAndPeople’s Rejoice”- A Symbol of New Life!

And;Conclusion happens with  — The cry of our ‘Near and Dear’ Ones,Our role is to remain silent — stand still!

These are:The Front Page & Last Page of Our Story!We create the pages in-between !!

During the journey,Many change-over happens;We meet numerous people;Relation thus starts getting built-up !

Each relation has its own frequency,With own vibration, colour and fragrance — Some are sweet and mild,Some are loud and profound.And, some are subtle, yet have ever lasting presence !They don’t contradict, if we care for them.

We name two of them as our ‘Parents’;To some, as ‘Relatives’;To some, as ’Friends’;To someone special, as ‘Our Companion for Life’!!Some are Peers,And, with some, we cross our paths!!

At times, our paths get intertwined;While, at some other time, our paths get diverged;At times, they converge again;

Everything is relative in this earthy world.Even two parallel lines are also seemingly converging — A sight from far away, — An indication to ‘Bigger Picture’ !

True beauty of our life,Lies in Convergence!Divergence is the means to Converge again !!

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