My childhood was strained to say the least as I became the object of molestation by my bio father at age 5.  This continued until age 17 when I graduated high school and my mother and I moved out of state.  Two abortions in high school also resulted from this sad situation.  

My father remarried and history repeated itself with his new wife’s son and daughter.  The situation was halted when my stepsister confided in a classmate and insisted that she report it to someone.  Eventually, the police investigators, school officials and my family met at the school to discuss the details.  My father was arrested and spent several years in state prison.  It soon became clear that I was consumed by hatred that resurfaced as I had never talked about my situation to ANYONE.  

When I met my husband and best friend 45 years ago, he said that my father was still controlling me by all of this hatred and that it wasn’t hurting my father at all.  That was my light bulb moment . . . I gave up that hatred because I certainly had no intention of allowing my father one second more of control.

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