Constantly Torn between

Constantly Torn between

What school of thought do you relate to ?

31 thoughts on “Constantly Torn between”

  1. I feel ….both are right only when we are proactive ….that is,we need to focus and put efforts to reach our goals or materialise our desires ,but if we are not successful then we should have the wisdom to accept it was not meant to be ,instead of feeling depressed or blaming others /self !

    1. I'm done with going for anyone unless they're willing to meet me half way. I've already made the mistake of giving too much of myself to someone who gave me very little in return. It almost killed me and I'll never make that mistake again. I won't be used up and tossed away like a piece of trash ever again.

    2. I understand you but think in an old friend we want to meet again… a relative we took distance from some time ago… I also think that a relationship must come naturally… not forced at all..

  2. There is a very clear difference. If you love something and want to own it, then get it but if there is no motivation behind getting something….then its if its meant to be it will be. Its the degree of desire that matters

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