Some connections are like.. Two shores of the same ocean

Nonis Jhamb

Some connections are like..
Two shores of the same ocean,
Always appear distant but
Beneath united by soul.

Debra Pry

We are Oceans Apart,
but with Same Heart.

Anubha Sharma

An unseen and
unfathomed connection
between two souls…

Karthik Parthasarathy

The love I have for you,
You think it is so tiny,
You stand right on top of my heart,
Show and tell my heart is small.
What you will never realize,
All you see is just a tip of the iceberg,
I love you not with just a tip,
But with the whole of my heart.

Sulekha Pande

Separated by fate,
united at heart.

Rinku Shah

Where feelings run deep,
Is a relationship
to keep.

Hina Jain

The silence of ours
which makes us apart.
Deep down on my thought
you will always be there
in the bottom of my heart.

Melissa Davey

If we could bridge our isolation
with love and compassion
we would find that,
through the heart,
we are indeed connected.

Carol Snyder Jarvela

Most of what separates us
from each other
is below the surface.
the unknown destroyer
of relationships.

Khin Gyi

They look for warm love
but their inner parts are cold .

Ramya Raghuraman

Submerge or sail
True love will never fail.

Pam Clayton

Below the surface
of what can be seen
We are connected,
you and me

Kimberly Owens

There is a love between the two of us.
You may not see it on the surface
but it’s there waiting to be seen

Gail T. Waters

Even apart,
we are bound by our heart

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