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Congratulations! You Are An Amazing Survivor

Congratulations! You Are An Amazing Survivor

From the very moment you decided to read this, I want to congratulate you for all that you are. Congratulations because you have come this far. Please keep on going because you are great and amazing!

But what is that sad look in your eyes? Don’t you think you are amazing?

Well, I know how hard it is to think of the same way when you are struggling. Either you ended up your 3-year-relationship or you miserably failed your final exam, the feeling can be devastating. You may somehow feel a bit lost right now for you don’t know where you are going. For some reasons, you may feel a little left behind because of a job and career you keep on looking for but still invisible while you see all your friends are succeeding. Your dreams are becoming so distant and that feeling of not being good enough keeps on coming back. You are not alone in your situation. Whatever is it that you’re going through, you have to stay strong.

The truth is we all have these kind of painful stories. Even the most successful ones is fighting a battle you don’t know. Sometimes, you are too fascinated by their success that you forgot your own potentials.There are those times when you were so busy looking at your flaws and all that is missing. You were creating monsters to bully yourself out of your sadness. Somehow, life isn’t a race and you can always bounce back higher from where you stumble. You have to realize that nothing lasts forever and even your greatest heartache will also pass.

It’s easy to think of yourself as a failure when you didn’t get the things that you want. But your worth is not measured by the score you get nor the position you have in your job. It’s not about how much money you have in your wallet or how expensive the clothes you wear. It’s about surviving every fight and becoming greater in each fall. It’s about enjoying the roller coaster ride in its ups and downs and with twists and turns. It’s standing up again after hitting the rocky bottom. It’s the continuous process of learning that matters most. That’s how life is and that’s what builds you as a better person.

There’s something in you that makes YOU extraordinary so stop telling yourself that you are not worthy. You are special in your own way and God has given you the talents to play your game well. And if by chance you think you lack the abilities to shine, never lose hope! You are a work in progress. God may be reserving a wonderful turn in your story. If you don’t know what you’re doing, God knows and he is in control.

Turn your tears into a spark of hope. Your dreams are still worth the chase so run over! The greatest story of your life is yet to come. Move forward, believe in yourself, trust God, live life to the fullest and continue to survive!

You read it, right? If you’re still reading this then, Congratulations again. It only goes to show that you are a survivor and you are stronger than you know!