6 Skills to Help Couples Manage Conflict and Live Happily Ever After

Skills to Help Couples Manage Conflict


2. Use A Softened Startup

It’s true that conversations usually end on the same note they began, so start softly. Don’t blame. Use I-statements. Describe what is happening. And be polite.


3. Repair And De-Escalate

Use scripted phrases like “Let me try again,” “I don’t feel like you are understanding me right now,” and “I’m sorry” to help de-escalate and begin making repair attempts.


4. Listen To Your Partner’s Underlying Feelings And Dreams

Perpetual gridlocked problems between you and your partner often conceal underlying feelings and dreams that aren’t getting communicated. So, start by contemplating what your dreams are and how you can communicate them more clearly to your partner. Second, become a better listener and seek to discover your partner’s deepest feelings and dreams. The purpose of this skill is to truly understand who your partner is deep down inside in order to accept influence and compromise together. It helps couples manage conflicts.

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5. Accept Influence

This is a wonderful skill that helps couples manage conflicts. Recognize that your partner has good ideas and important opinions (shocker – your way isn’t always the best way or the right way). Show respect for those opinions and find something you can learn from your partner. Take this questionnaire to see where you most need to improve when it comes to accepting influence.


6. Compromise

Compromise is an art. What’s Dr. Gottman’s advice? “Compromise never feels perfect. Everyone gains something and everyone loses something… the important thing is feeling understood, respected, and honored in your dreams.” So work together with your partner to find common ground and compromise that will leave you both feeling valued, respected, and supported.

If you practice these six skills from Dr. Gottman and learn to manage conflict in positive and healthy ways, then happily ever after can be yours today and everyday as you recognize conflict for what it is – an opportunity to learn, grow, progress, and live a full and meaningful life now.

By Aaron & April Jacob

This article was originally published on The Gottman Relationship Blog.

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Help Couples Manage Conflict

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