Confessions Of A Control Freak And Why We Should Let Go

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But How Can I Trust Life?

Look around you – look at all life is – and how it continues to become, without our meddling or opinions. The sun rises and sets each day on a precise cue. The tides roll in and out in flawless harmony. The planets rotate like a well-choreographed dance through the universe. Everything is perfectly orchestrated without your control.

Even the organs of your own body perform with the greatest of precision. Your heart does not wait for you to say, “Beat.” Your breath does not wait for you to say, “Breath.” It all goes on without you – yet it is ALL for you! What is the source of all these miracles that go on the moment after moment without interruption? It is the Source of all this, and infinitely more, that you can trust…

… and when you do, the entire pulse of creation opens to you and you become that which you trust – because you are, and have always been.

The Universe possesses infinite knowledge down to the minutest detail. Nothing is overlooked. This same omnipotent consciousness is applied to everything in the universe from the smallest cell in our bodies to the largest galaxy in all of creation. The full attention of the Universe is equally upon each second of our existence. At the core of this awareness is unconditional love. This is what you can trust. This is what you can let go of.

Confessions of control freak – Control Disconnects You from Your Power

Despite how it sometimes seems, the Source of life knows what it is doing at all times. When you try to control things, you misalign with life and then everything is more challenging because you are disconnected from this Source. When you let go and trust the power of the Universe, this power has the innate ability to serve you in all ways.

Confessions of control freak – Letting go is the key to invoking the power of the Universe.

By trying to make life conform to your will, you waste your energy and you waste the very energy that could serve you – cutting yourself off from the unlimited power to create what you truly desire. When you try to force, manipulate or control, you cannot be trusted with this powerful energy because you do not understand it or respect it.

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Confessions of a control freak – The power that comes from letting go

This immense and unlimited power cannot be grasped. The mere attempt at possessing it puts it further out of reach. You can only access this power by letting go of the control freak in you. When you access this power by letting go, you are someone who can be trusted with it – primarily because you trust it.

Letting go
Confessions Of A Control Freak And Why We Should Let Go

It does require courage to let go, but you really have no choice, because eventually, you will have to let go. Not only because everything is in a constant state of dissolving, or that eventually, we die, but rather because life will put insurmountable stress upon you until it becomes too painful to stay in control and you have no other choice but to let go.

Hence, this is the divine purpose of stress. The stress in your life is pushing you to let go. It is no mystery that those who try to relentlessly control have the most stress.

Letting go of the control freak in you immediately brings you back into connection with who you really are and the infinite power that originates and flows from this eternal Source. This intrinsic power is what you are letting go of. If you do not know what you are letting go of, it is very difficult to let go. Therefore, the greatest practice in which you can ever partake is in discovering who you really are.

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When you intimately know the Source of your being, it becomes very easy and effortless to let go because it is something, like no other, that you can trust. Nothing is more important than developing your relationship with this omnipotent Source – everything comes from this one connection.

Trusting life does not mean that undesirable experiences will never happen, it does mean that if they do, you trust that whatever unfolds is in your highest good and the highest good of those involved.

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