Common Sense Is Not A Gift, It’s A Punishment

Common Sense Is Not A Gift Its A Punishment

Common sense is not a gift, it’s a punishment. Because you have to deal with everyone who doesn’t have it.

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  1. Common sense is difficult to quantify. Even when a person knows what the right and wrong actions are, they won’t always take the right one. So it can appear that a person lacks common sense, when in fact they just don’t apply it every time.

  2. why I don’t bother with too many people anymore…common sense seems to be a lost trait these days…If you have to tell a grown adult proper etiquette and manners-there is just no cure for cluster b personality disorder…so less people I deal with-happier i am…no bull shit drama in my life…I chooseto be happy.

    1. You know have common sense because we all do. Like Buckle your seat belt, look both ways before crossing the street, drugs are bad, don’t drink and drive. Simple right? Well some people know all of this common sense and do not apply it.

    2. Common Sense:
      “Drugs are Bad”
      Yet DOCTORS are over prescribing highly addictive “legal” narcotics.

      Common Sense:
      “Don’t Drink and Drive”
      Yet alcohol (another highly addictive drug) is still legal to buy and sell, readily available in every grocery store and restaurant and the only consumable liquid (other than coffee) that has its own socially acceptable place to consume it called the BAR. A place you have to drive to meet with friends, find a date, watch a ball game or hide from the world.

      Welcome to America where common sense and political correctness are exploited and the freedoms of speech, expression and religion look better in print than valued or practiced.

    3. lanaya how do you know that is common sense, because someone told you that it was, when I as growing up no one wore their belt, and early in y life cars didn’t even have them, so that is not common sense

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