50 Common Red Flags At The Beginning Of A Relationship as Told By Our Readers

Red Flags Relationship as Readers

17. When he says he isn’t on his phone all the time but he’s on his phone all the time while with you.
– Frances M. Silva

18. How they make you feel or whether or not they disrespect you early on. If they can easily overlook you or disrespect you during the honeymoon phase, it isn’t a good sign of what’s to come.
– Felicia Renteria-Holmes

19. That the person doesn’t want to be in photos with you on social media, and makes up reasons why.
– Martha Wilson

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20. How their actions make you feel versus their words.
– Beth Wright

21. It wasn’t necessarily when we first started dating but it was probably a couple months in, it was long distance at the time and he would kind of expect these grand gestures for his birthday or holiday and I would spend a lot of time putting together these care packages for him that were decorated and filled with gifts AND mail to him in another state and When it was my birthday or Christmas I didn’t even get a card. There was no effort on his part and later in the relationship when we actually lived together the narcissistic personality really was apparent and there still was no effort it was all me giving and him just taking.
– Mandy McNamara

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22. How they treat their mom!
– Lynn Maureen

23. Making you feel guilty for wanting to spend time with family/friends/children instead of them.
– Ash Renee

24. When you don’t listen to your instinct and minimize your gut feelings.
– Joanna Wan

25. Bringing up exes and speaking poorly of them.
– Jennifer Farnum

26. How he talks about people behind their back.
– Pat Martin

27. Mistaking shared childhood trauma for compatibility.
– Saundra Armstrong

28. The way someone reacts to not getting their way for the first time.
– Sandra Jean

29. Not committing to plans, making you feel as if something better doesn’t come up they’ll hang out with you.
– Mary Machura

30. Never keeping their words. And then does the same hurtful things over and over again. No apologies.
– Daphne Seet

31. Talks a lot about his ex or ex’s (he’s not over her/him) yet ..it’s truly a red flag that person occupies space in their head still.
– Michele Gee

32. Subtle confusion. Why would he/she say that? Why has he/she suddenly gone quiet for a few days? Why are things hot and cold? The connection should be easier than that.
– Meg Shepherd Vollema

33. When they have the “Wandering Eye” when they are out with you…they have too check out every woman in the place…huge warning flag…and don’t ignore it.
– Joyce Borton

34. Putting you against your family by gaslighting and manipulating you, making you think you don’t need them. It’s a way for the person to isolate you so you have no one to turn to. So they can control you.
– Codester White

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